'Hangar 1'

Premiers February 28th on History Channel H2

The disappointment of many MUFON members associated with the concluding episodes of long running series Ancient Aliens, has been replaced by anticipation of the premier of the new History Channel series Hangar 1. This collaboration between MUFON and the History Channel promises to bring a new and fresh style of media coverage to ufology.

The format for this new approach will draw upon the vast library of MUFON's case files as a basis for viewer insights into the field investigation process that we all know and love. The investigative activities are linked to high profile UFO related events and will offer both a counter voice to the official government line and a possible explanation of alien agendas.

The series is unique for us in that it includes a cast of MUFON members including Jan Harzan, John Ventre, and our own COMUFON member Jeremy Ray. Also appearing will be Jason McClellen of "Open Minds" radio with featured guests Richard Dolan, Grant Cameron, Leslie Kean, John Callahan, and Michael Schratt.